Upcoming activities

Easterexpiriences with reindeer

About 20 minutes caride from Røros centre we have a big fence in the forrest where the reindeer wanders freely. Come inside the reindeer fence and socialice with the animals, feed them from your hand and take as a many pictures you want. Vi have a cozy fireplace inside the fence where we can sit down and grill reindeer saussages. We also serve campfire coffe and hot juice for the children. You will get to taste tradistional sami reindeer products that we make ourself. This is an opportunity to learn more about the south sami culture and the reindeerherding lifestyle. You can also learn to throw lasso at some antlers that are placed there.

550,- adult
250,- children (3-12years)
50,- kr extra for saussages

Date and time

Thursday     28/03 at. 12:00-14:00

Mail: aktivitet@rorosrein.no
Phone: 46474869

During the winter season you are welcome to visit us and take part in different activities that suit you. Read more about them below.

Different acitivities

Into the nature with reindeers

Join for a walk with your own reindeer
Available from january 2024 – March 2024

We walk together with the reindeers away from the city noise into the silence of the woods. A very few get the chance to meet and see reindeers this close up. During the trip you wil get to learn about the reindeers personality and their differences, that you wont get anywhere else.

We meet outside of the reindeers enclosure, where you will get some instructions before we go in and get the reindeers we are gonne take for the trip. We will follow a path that is made for the trip.

Halfway through the trip we will stop at a fireplace, and here you wil get coffe, tea, or other hot drinks, and we will grill reindeersausages that we make at the farm. You wil also get a taste of other traditional sami food that we make ourself.

I will tell about the sami culture and the reindeer herding way of life that the samis have beed doing for generations.

Practical Info:

  • The trip is about 3 km long and lasts for 2-3 hours combined
  • Participation requires normal physical fitness. Age limit 6 years
  • Warm clothes and shoes is required
  • All acitivities with the reindeers will depend on the wheather conditions
  • Max 20 persons per group

Reindeer experience up close

Available from january 2024 – March 2024

Come and visit the reindeer in a bigger fence.
Here vi have a cosy fireplace outside and a lavvo we can spend time in, if its bad wheather.
You can feed the reindeers and take a lot of pictures.
You can also try your lassoing skills at antlers placed on the ground.

Sleigh rides for kids

Some of the reindeers can pull a sleigh, and the kids can have a short trip in a path that the reindeers know. Sleigh ride is only possible if the snow conditions are ok.

After feeding and socialization with the animals, we sit down by the fireplace with a warm drink, like coffee or tea, and you will have a taste of one of our traditional produced products, made of reindeer meat. We will talk about the reindeer, sami culture and about the south sami area we are in.

Practical information:

  • Use of time 1,5 hours.
  • Warm clothes and shoes are required
  • All activities with the reindeers will depend on the wheather conditions
  • Max 20 persons per group

Sleigh ride in the woods

I welcome you and give some instructions, before we get ready for a sleigh ride in the forest to a campfire site. Here we make a fire and sit down and talk about the reindeer, sami culture and the south sami area we are in.
I serve you something warm to drink, and a taste of one of our traditional produced products, made of reindeer meat. You will also be able to try your lassoing skills.
And then return to the farm.
Use of time totally 3 hours.
Max. 4ad.prs.

Your own activities

We’ll create an activity just for you and your group. We can combine the activities mentioned on this page or include riding a sleigh or taking a guided tour through the mining town Røros.


We’ll tell you about the South-Sami culture and the reindeer herding in connection to it.

You’ll also have the opportunity to to have a look at different kinds of woodworking and try your hand in making things. We’ll also give you an introduction to the Sami language.

The farm shop is open every Saturday 10am - 2pm