Driving with reindeer

Sitting in a sled pulled by a reindeer is a fantastic, high-speed snow experience that requires full concentration in order to stay in the sled.

The sled has room for two persons: one of us and one visitor.

For smaller groups. Suitable for all persons.

Good to know

All activities must be booked at least one week in advance.

Reindeer sledding is dependent on weather and other conditions beyond our control. We must therefore reserve the right to cancel or adjust reservations.

Be careful around the reindeer. Remember, they are living, only semi-tame animals.

All participants in all activities take part at their own risk.

Food and/or meals must be booked at least 1 week in advance.

The season for activities with reindeer is from December through to March.

Feeding and lassoing reindeer

Help us feed the reindeer. Some of them are quite tame and will probably eat out of your hand. You may also be able to pet them.

Sometimes we have to catch the animals by roping them. You may try your luck at this. We practice on detached antlers, and then try roping animals in motion.

Suitable for all kinds of groups. Excellent for families with children.

Walking with reindeer

Catch a reindeer and take it for a short walk. The animals are not always cooperative so this can be a challenge. It’s really satisfying to get one to follow behind you on a lead.

Appropriate for those who are in good physical condition and like a challenge.

Not recommended for children.

Your own activities

We’ll create an activity just for you and your group. We can combine the activities mentioned on this page or include riding a sleigh or taking a guided tour through the mining town Røros.


We’ll tell you about the South-Sami culture and the reindeer herding in connection to it.

You’ll also have the opportunity to to have a look at different kinds of woodworking and try your hand in making things. We’ll also give you an introduction to the Sami language.

The farm shop is open every Saturday 10am - 2pm